Gokarna Holidays , Gokarna Homestays & Book Packages In Gokarna

Gokarna is a vital journey focus with the well known Mahabaleshwara sanctuary and is additionally a vacation spot for its shorelines. Gokarna signifies ‘cow’s ear’. It is trusted that Lord Shiva showed up here as a Shiva Linga out of the ear of a cow. This cow is believed to be a manifestation of Prithvi or Mother Earth.


Gokarna Beaches

There are numerous Gokarna Beaches to visit Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Half-Moon Beach and Paradise Beach are perfect spots to visit in Gokarna. Om Beach is a one of a kind shoreline, in the state of the heavenly image of Om.

Gokarna Hotels – The Different Ranges

Among other Gokarna Hotels and Gokarna Homestays , you can remain close to the shoreline in one of 12 English frontier style suites in Om Beach Resorts. The rooms offer radiant perspectives of the shoreline and the rich green slopes. The resort gives all of you the advanced pleasantries in a peaceful, old world area. Take a pontoon ride on the lovely Paradise shoreline.

Have a ball in the detached Paradise shoreline, which can be achieved just by pontoon or by trekking through a backwoods way. Unwind and restore your body with Ayurvedic medications – an unwinding oil shower or a yoga and contemplation session. Visit the well-known sanctuaries around the town, including the delightful Mahabaleshwara Temple.

SwaSwara Resorts takes you on a trip of self-disclosure in the excellent settings of Gokarna, with its shorelines, verdant slopes, and old sanctuaries. Set in the midst of an undulating scene, encompassed by waving paddy fields and coconut forests, SwaSwara is a lovely resort based on 26 sections of land of land that neglects the Om Beach. The resort offers 27 independent manors worked in the Konkan style.

Lose yourself in the cadence and hints of nature, the sprinkling waves, the twist stirring through the trees and the melodies of flying creatures. At the focal point of the resort is a blue-domed contemplation focus that mirrors the outline of the Gokarna Temple. Yoga and reflection classes and Ayurvedic treatments can enable you to renew your brain and body. The food offered is a mix of new ranch create from adjacent towns and crisp fish. SwaSwara is perfect for the individuals who need to spend no less than seven days in a separated heaven, far from the city life.

Bangalore to Gokarna

The closest air terminal is Dabolim in Goa, 140 km away and the closest railroad station is Ankola, 20 km away. Gokarna is 475 km from Bangalore. You can get numerous KSRTC and private transports to Gokarna from Bangalore.

Gokarna is an incredible place to visit, with sanctuaries and shorelines and slopes. Spend a rich occasion in one the resorts in Gokarna, close to the shorelines, and returned revived to handle the regular routine of city life.


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